Coastal Keystones by Dal-Tile


Head for the shoreline and sail away with the Coastal Keystones collection. Transform a bathtub into a cruise ship and be motivated by this modern and luxurious mosaic tile that lets you escape. In a magnificent range of sizes and hues, the glass and mosaic blends of tile adds sophistication and a worldly feel to virtually any space indoor or out. Used on both floors and countertops in residential and light-commercial applications, this inspiring blend of some of Daltile's finest products gives you a sea of design options.

Color: Sunset Cove Hexagon Mosaic
  • Island Harvest 1 X 1 Mosaic
  • Island Harvest 2 X 1 Brick-Joint Mosaic
  • Island Harvest Block Random Mosaic
  • Island Harvest Hexagon Mosaic
  • Mediterranean Mist 1 X 1 Mosaic
  • Mediterranean Mist 2 X 1 Brick-Joint Mosaic
  • Mediterranean Mist Block Random Mosaic
  • Mediterranean Mist Hexagon Mosaic
  • Sunset Cove 2 X 1 Straight-Joint Mosaic
  • Sunset Cove Blend 1 X 1 Mosaic
  • Sunset Cove Block Random Mosaic
  • Sunset Cove Hexagon Mosaic
  • Trade Wind 2 X 1 Straight-Joint Mosaic
  • Trade Wind Blend 1 X 1 Mosaic
  • Trade Wind Block Random Mosaic
  • Trade Wind Hexagon Mosaic
  • Treasure Island 2 X 1 Straight-Joint Mosaic
  • Treasure Island Blend 1 X 1 Mosaic
  • Treasure Island Block Random Mosaic
  • Treasure Island Hexagon Mosaic
  • Tropical Thunder 2 X 1 Straight-Joint Mosaic
  • Tropical Thunder Blend 1 X 1 Mosaic
  • Tropical Thunder Block Random Mosaic
  • Tropical Thunder Hexagon Mosaic
Available Size: 1" X 1"
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Product Line
Coastal Keystones
Sunset Cove Hexagon Mosaic
1" X 1"

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